Department of Plant Biotechnology

Department of Plant Biotechnology

Last modified: 08. July 2022

The Department of Plant Biotechnology, established in February 2021, includes six research groups. The research activity of the department is focused on the molecular and epigenetic analysis of economically significant phenotypic characteristics of crop plants, the clarification of protective mechanisms against abiotic and biotic stress effects, and the development of genome editing procedures.

From 1 February 2021, head of the department is Prof. Attila Hegedűs.

Dr. Hegedűs Attila

Phone: +36-1/305-7698
Office: MATE Buda Campus, building A, room 24.
Budapest, Ménesi út 44.

​​​​​​Major educational activities of the department:

Education: Coordination of Agricultural biotechnology MSc program at the Buda Campus; several subjects in plant genetics, plant biotechnology, and plant breeding for Hungarian and English BSc programs in horticultural engineering, enology and viticulture, for Hungarian and English MSc programs in horticultural engineering, enology and viticulture, as well as for the Doctorate School of Horticultural Sciences and Food Sciences.

Epigenetics Group


The head of the Epigenetics Group is György Szittya (PhD). We investigate the role of epigenetic modifications during tomato development.

Horticultural Plant Genetics Group

Horticultural Plant Genetics

Led by dr. Attila Hegedűs (DSc), the colleagues of the Group of Horticultural Plant Genetics carry out molecular genetic research to promote the breeding activity of horticultural plants (primarily fruit and medicinal plant species), with a special focus on understanding the genetic background of economically significant properties and developing molecular markers. A key area of research is the study of self-incompatibility of fruit trees.

Physiology and Developmental Biology Group

Physiology and Developmental Biology Group

The head of the Physiology and Developmental Biology Group is Havelda Zoltán.

Plant Immunology Group

Plant Immunology

The head of the Plant Immunology Group is Dr. Károly Fátyol.

Plant Stress Biology Group

Plant Stress Biology

The Plant Stress Biology Group led by Dr. Tibor Csorba (PhD) conducts research to understand the transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of plant heat stress response with main focus on Brassicaceae.

Potato Research Group

Potato Research

The Potato Research Group led by Zsófia Bánfalvi, DSc, is involved in two projects and studies the molecular background of early tuber bulking in potato and attempts to isolate potato lines resistant to bacterial wilt.